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Women in the Middle East, like other women in the world, live their life – get pregnant, give birth, raise children and make great physical sacrifices to “create” offspring . They are primarily responsible for the creation of human beings, and must tolerate great hardship each year to give birth in our world, which is twice the responsibility which a man undertakes.

Nada Alahdal

Despite this, society in general has overloaded women with more things than men could tolerate, so they locked her at home and stopped her freedom. Then they took away her dignity by preventing her from doing work, and they degrade her and insult her and make her feel ashamed of asking for her human rights.

 They force women to conform to unjust customs and traditions, and force them to have sexual relations in childhood under the name of “child marriage”. Society forces her to obey men, to the point where she becomes a commodity for human trade, and she is then prevented from giving her name to her newborn because It is considered a shame “imperfect of reason and religion”. She currently lives a slave’s life which has been the case for thousands of years, until now.

Society clipped her wings, so that she cannot  achieve her dreams and aspirations, and then mastered the art of physical and mental torture and violated her in the home, robbed her of her freedom and dignity,  under the guise of social and religious justifications

She has no legal right if she goes to the police, and she does not have the right to divorce her husband if he is violent to her. She has no rights if she gets killed by her father, brother, or husband, and she does not have the ability to express her opinion at all .

They put a solid steel wall around her to prevent her from achieving her human rights goals. They restricted her from all economic, political and social advantages, and restricted her physically to become a tradable product.

She was deprived of all her rights, her humanity was destroyed. It became shameful for even her children to speak of her name or image. Furthermore it was forbidden and a crime even in the circulation of her name or image.

Despite all these restrictions, we still see a number of women who are able to succeed and reach their goals, but this number is very few due to the amount of restrictions, troubles and obstacles that women face in society.

You find that a man can reach his simplest goals easily, while a woman, even from her most basic rights to education or freedom to work, can only obtain it if she has gone through a series of struggles and persistence, fought vigorously, rebelled and fled to other countries. Only if she had a cultured, educated family that allows her to have a part of her rights in a set of conditions, restrictions and repressive laws could she succeed. Unlike a man who has no restrictions even if his goals and aspirations are to declare wars, kill innocents, and oppress people.

I call on the world to help girls in the Middle East, and open the doors of embassies, consulates and human rights organizations to help women. Women make up two-thirds of society and are responsible for raising future generations, rebirth of nations, and making peace.

Women must know their social and human value, and be able to improve their economic level, in order to become the decision-maker in society, and not to accept humiliation or insult for the sake of a livelihood.

I do not want to go into this conversation long, nor do we address the woman because her decision until now is not in her hand and we hope that her decision will be in her hand, God willing, but I want to address the community itself,

Are you satisfied with your sister or daughter being humiliated and insulted by someone else because he eats and drinks her?

Would you accept, after your death, that your divorced daughter be thrown in the street, or looking for half a man or a quarter of a man to support her and take care of her children?

Does it satisfy you to see your daughter weekly or almost daily crying from her husband and from his violence, oppressed and psychologically destructed?

And if that happens, is the solution to divorce her from her husband and search for another man?

Are you satisfied with your daughter becoming dependent on society and people?

Humiliated or beggar in the streets?

Because you deprived her of education and work and made her only a commodity for marriage and she has no ability to manage her life and her decision?

Or you want her to be glorious and honorable because she eats and drinks from her work, and from her experience in life and education and thanks and praises you in life and after death because you created a great and strong girl who is able to improve her economic life freely and independently and never let anyone exploit her ignorance and poverty .

If you are afraid of the blames of the community to you, be sure that the community will assure you that your daughter is a shame, that she is a disgrace, and if she got married, you will be assured that your daughter escaped from her husband or demanded divorce, or you failed to choose a husband for her, and if she got divorced, they will treat her like if it’s a shame to be divorced … etc.

And if you allow her to complete her education, he will also assure you, but in return, she will gain a strong girl who commends you and loves you and stands beside you in old age, and with time passing she will become a great example for society, and you see many neighbors walking the same steps, and you will grow up bearing the pride of your daughter’s success, and you’ll die comfortable with peace of mind .

You either win your daughter’s success and contribute to the renaissance of your country, your home, and your community, or you are subject to the unjust customary laws of society and become one of the herd that has no influence in society, that wants for his daughters, humiliation, and societal injustice .

Many girls are afraid of the penalties that they may get if they make a change in their lives, but this exists even with society and with parents as well. Many parents listen to us now and are convinced a million percent that our words are true, and they wish to change their community and family, but they have a fear of Societal sanctions against them,

He says: I want to make my daughter a successful and strong heroine, Or he says I want my wife to have a strong economic situation so that if something happens to me, my children do not orphan or have to search for another man, and if her education improves, her economic situation will improve and make her a decision owner, and my children become with her in safety and dignity .

But whoever is afraid of community sanctions and his hurtful words, let us tell you something

The easy way leads to an easy result, while the hard way will lead you to powerful and great goals, and you will feel that the difficulties generate powerful personal.

Like the material things that you buy cheap will easily end, while the expensive and original things will stay with you forever.

Girls too, the hard road and the path full of calamities will make you a great heroine and an unbeatable power.

Start now and do not hesitate in the decision and my plan for your future and work to change your community, do not forget the beginning is the small family, change convictions of your father, mother and brother of the importance of girl’s rights, and the importance of your own rights, convince people around you of your strong goals and your future plans that make you great in front of future generations and community .

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