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OUR DREAMS THRIVE” A project for ending child marriage via education

The Nada Foundation is investing in the generation that will rebuild Yemen when the civil war ends. To do so, the foundation’s visionary Our Dreams Thrive project is set up to reach out to girls displaced by the country’s catastrophic violence and conflict. Educating girls protects their human rights and changes traditional attitudes toward early marriage. Instilling confidence and dignity, education lifts girls’ hopes for achieving their life dreams. As such, education is the foundation for creating social change and economic growth in Yemen. Creating future leaders even while the fighting continues is the first step in achieving long-term goals for future stability and economic development of the region.



ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE In Yemen, with no legal minimum marriage age, two-thirds of marriages involve underage brides, including 44 percent under 15. Child marriages in pre-war Yemen

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The Nada Foundation has adopted a project that helps girls who were forced to marry early, and those who have been subjected to domestic violence. The project employs security services to rescue underaged girls and protect them according to the guidelines provided in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty ratified by Yemen.

The Foundation runs an awareness program to address the public’s misperceived benefits of the tradition of early marriage. Concerns for traditional values and questions regarding the Rights of the Child, to which Yemen is bound under International Law, are addressed, and the damage done to society and individuals by this practice are effectively enumerated and explained.

How helping?

We are so happy that we succeed in protecting 11 girls, saving them from forced child marriage and securely put them in safe places with trustworthy families.

Save the girls

Saving a girl is a sacred thing. When we have the opportunity, we must do our duty and protect our little sisters


"The Nada Foundation has helped hundreds of girls succeed, and has managed to save them from early marriage, and I am proud of this institution"
"It did not occur to me that there was an institution led by his child and working for a girls And succeed in the implementation of great projects, which contributed to ending the marriage of children in Yemen"
"The world has the right to know the strength of a Yemeni child who has made a human rights institution and achieved success on the ground"
"It is time for girls to live safe as long as there is someone who wins them and conveys their voice to the world, thank Nada Foundation"

Our Message

Working on providing shelters, schools and means to reduce risks that threaten childhood, Safe Childhood, Promising Future.

our goals

Termination of underage marriage Protecting girls from violence Supporting girls in education Legal support for the protection of children Protection of children's rights

our dreams

We all dream of freedom, peace and happiness, We dream of move the voice of girls to the world, We dream of being part of the world's change makers