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“My mom doesn’t work, she is all alone, so I got married as a child to see her and my problems resolved. I was 15 years old when I married a 30-year-old businessman, who had another 4 wives. I regret getting married so early, I could no longer fulfill my dream of one day becoming a teacher. Later, my school council helped me to get out of the marriage and I went back to school.
I am free from child marriage and I’m so happy. I have returned to my mother and now I can play freely with my friends”, said Zita Listone, from Zambézia province, in Mozambique.

The Korean Internacional Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and UNICEF, in close collaboration with other partners, are providing support to the Government of Mozambique to ensure children’s rights to enjoy a quality education. The Korean people are supporting the projects of the School Councils to improve their intervention in combating young girls barriers to education, school absenteeism, dropouts, child marriages, early pregnancies, and domestic violence.


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