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Our Dreams Thrive

To educate displaced children and girls in Yemen to achieve long-term goals in finding leaders in voluntary and humanitarian work, we want to educate the world about Yemen’s issues and to focus attention on Yemen’s Post-war renaissance,

This will help raise the level of education and development and contribute to change society for the better in terms of media and economy.
Implemented by the Nada Foundation for the protection of the rights of children in Yemen under the slogan of #OurDreamsThrive

This Project for the education of displaced girls in Yemeni camps fleeing from catastrophic wars
It is the dream of every Yemeni girl to complete her education and benefit from it thereafter, and feel its importance in the first stages of education.

Main idea:

Finding alternative ways for teaching displaced children the English language, opening temporary school classes and providing job opportunities for teachers whose salaries have been cut off for 3 years.

Target party:

We target the future generations that dream of peace, coexistence, and love, Our goal is to target those whose age is between 13-18 years, we want to prepare them for enrollment in international universities and to deal with international curricula.

We give priority to the children in the camps who left their schools and homes searching for a safe place and girls who have been victims of injustice.

We wish to reach our goal of  90% of the total targeted children.
The target number for the first phase is 10 thousand children from different governorates of Yemen, until the completion of their university studies.


  1. To find alternatives to quality education that benefit children in the short and medium term; ensure that children continue to receive education.
  2. To provide temporary employment opportunities for teachers whose salaries were cut off 3 years ago.
  3. To create a cognitive know-how situation for future generations, especially girls, with regional and international opportunities to continue their university education either regularly or from their homes in internationally recognized universities that offer remote education in recognition of the general environment circumstance in which the girl grew up.
  4. To enable the future generations to benefit from employment opportunities on the Internet, which contributes to reducing unemployment ratio in Yemen among girls, as well as not engaging in good faith in illegal acts.
  5. To help in developing skills and developing the personal capabilities of the children of the displaced in order to form a nucleus of global leaders in the community, political, press and other activities to achieve a Yemeni transition in cultural, economic and media aspects. It can also be white minds and hands that mitigate Yemeni suffering and provide radical solutions for Yemen’s problems and tragedies.


Education in Yemen has been and still is in the worst case, did not achieve positive and concrete results and on reality and could not keep up with the rapid development of science and delivery to the applicants of science, which reflected negatively on the skills of the young generation of Yemen and does not meet the requirements of employment, especially with regard to the proficiency of mastering international languages.
Considering the importance of languages that connect peoples and the world together, Yemen is facing difficulties in transferring its people’s suffering to the world and delivering what is happening in it. It lacks journalists, activists and political leaders who speak to the world in their own languages, especially the media and community activities. This makes Yemen separate from the world in all its events, and makes international journalists unable to direct their cameras and pens to the events of Yemen, because they are unable to find a language to communicate with the Yemenis, and depends on media material made from parties far from the suffering of peoples.
Therefore, we have focused on educating future generations the languages as the first means for exchanging experiences and supporting sciences for the renaissance of the homeland, peacemaking and coexistence with the world.

Project implementation:

The project shall be implemented in two phases

Phase I: (3 months) model
Provide a temporary classroom to two classes close to the displaced and provide male or female teachers specialized in English that shall be supervised by the authorities directly competent to the displaced persons camps, and with the consent of their guardian, within the framework of the Yemeni system and law. It is implemented with the contribution of human rights organizations working on the ground or Human rights activists, under the supervision of state security to protect the safety of girls from exploitation.

Second phase: (5 years) Electronic
Girls who excel in the classroom and have achieved great success in learning the language will be educated and followed up over five years and enrolled in international schools recognized internationally, which provides remote education, so that the girl completes its education from home without the trouble of travel or absence from her family taking into account the social reality.

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