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The case of the Yemeni girl who was killed treacherously in the courtroom

About the girl:

– From  Otoma area.

– She has been married and was divorced, which means, in Islam, she has the right to marry herself  by herself but the Yemeni law does not allow the marriage of women without a guardian.

– She was aged in the mid 30s.

– When she expressed her desire for her family to marry a person who proposed her, they refused and start beating her and tied her.

– She managed to escape and when she talked to the taxi driver after her escape, he took her to a sheikh from Saada who went directly to the court.

– The judge ordered to but her in “the House of Hope”, a charity house for those who has no house or guardians, until her father came to the court as guardian during the engagement.

– The court helped her raise a “Rejection” case against her father.

– The judge asked the father to come to the court in order to perform the engagement, the father attended but completely refused. The judge summoned her brother, who was several years younger than his sister, to become her guardian during the engagement the next day.

– The brother came to the court ( what is strange is that after all this the judge remained insistent that one of her family assume the order of marriage apparently because there was a legal exit because of the requirement of the existence of a guardian, although she is entitled to marry herself legally) Why did not the judge represent this role as she resorted to him? Why should a woman move her guardianship from one man to another even if he is her younger brother, who is 10 years older than her ?!

– The brother was wearing a small knife (a sharp scalpel) behind the “Jambiah”, a traditional knife (Guards usually removes the head of the Jambiah but not the entire belt).

– He sat behind his sister and under the calmness and preoccupation of the judge with the papers in his hands the brother took the scalpel with his left hand and raised his sister’s Neqab, face cover,  from behind and cut her neck absolutely (slaughtered her) and some said planted it in her neck.

– In front of the astonishment of all, the bloodied sister stood, bleeding from her mouth, and walked until she reached the chair of the judge as if she says I came to you in order to save me, but ..

– the brother was arrested immediately and his father came after that and boldly confessed that he incited his son to kill his sister and the judge brought the father to prison with his son.

What is happening now?

– A huge amount of money has been offered by sheikhs from the father’s area to two lawyers to fabricate a perversity case for the girl and to spread this matter, and that the brother happens to be a coincidence in court to take revenge on his sister (it is funny that a woman working in prostitution goes to a judge and a court raises the issue of marriage family because she wants to marry, what could prevents her not to  the relationship without marrying in the first place if she wants since she is working in this perversity work according to their claim).

– This matter seems not working because of its ingenuity, but now there are senior lawyer (shiny and well-known names) trying to push the judgment to be a punishment and this means that it is up to the blood’s guardians, who is here the father of the victim and who will naturally forgive his son (According to Sharia law) and may get a few years in prison to get out of the case safely (this is the case of the court and the judge now).

– What some lawyers are trying to do is to pay a heavier penalty for the murderer, because of the ruthlessness and severity of the crime and the fact that it was committed in the middle of the court (an insult to justice) and is the place that is supposed to be the safest and most optimal place to obtain justice. And is the place in which the girl went to seek justice which is the most basic right  to determine the shape of her future and destiny. As a woman, she did not ask only to be linked to a man according to law and Sharia, which is supposed to be the optimal framework in a tribal society and religion and does not anger anyone.

– Our stood as men and women who believe in the right to life and condemn all these atrocities here is not enough. We have to put a pressure with all our strength and the ability to try to change these unjust and inhumane laws against women and men even in other places. Let it be civil modifiable, developable laws away from the argument that this statement is God’s word, which becomes the stone stumbling in front of any amendment and argument used by the most terrible ways that the legislation in their favor.

– Note: This information is from lawyers I trust very much and there may be more accurate information, but trying to dilute the case is causing many scenarios now, especially with regard to trying to clear the killer.