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Women Empowerment in India

[ad_1] Women empowerment in India is a challenging task as we need to acknowledge the fact that gender based discrimination is a deep rooted social malice practiced in India in many forms since thousands of years. The malice is not going to go away in a few years or for that matter by attempting to […]

Ending Sexual Violence in Nigeria

[ad_1] I am a human rights activist and a lawyer fighting for the enforcement of the rights of victims of human rights violation. I have worked with several human rights organizations, besides my private law practice, I run an NGO; Virtuous Women Empowerment International. There has been no issue of greater importance to me than […]

Media Law and the Rights of Women in India

[ad_1] Introduction Women's rights, as a term, typically refer to the freedoms inherently possessed by women and girls of all ages, which may be institutionalized, ignored or illegitimately suppressed by law, custom, and behavior in a particular society. These liberties are grouped together and differentiated from broader notions of human rights because they often different […]

Each Year Many Teenagers Run Away From Home – What Are the Chief Causes?

[ad_1] Life can be a tough proposition for a multitude of reasons. They may not always be justifiable nor can they be swept under the rug. Leading a life devoid of difficulties renders a person incapable of achieving the humongous success we all desire. Neither do we choose the family we’re born into nor the […]

Social Empowerment of Women

[ad_1] The indicators of social empowerment of women include the base of gender inequality, sex ratios, life expectancy rates and fertility rates which shows the general status of women in terms of literacy, economic growth, availability of health care and birth control facilities, educational status of women, age at marriage, literacy rates and participation of […]

Women Empowerment in Rajasthan & India

[ad_1] To “empower women” means to authorize power or increase the overall position, status and condition of women in all spheres of life. Through women empowerment, we demand equality with men in matters of employment, marriage, inheritance, education, financial, religion, etc. According to a research, empowering women will act as a potential that will accelerate […]