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When it comes to sex, “No” still does not mean “No” in some parts of the world. In Singapore and India, non-consensual sex within marriage is not a criminal offence, and does not constitute rape as long as the wife is above a certain age – 15 years old in India, and only 13 in Singapore. In October 2017, India took a massive step forward for girls’ rights when it ruled that if a man has sex with his wife when she is aged between 15 and 18, it is considered rape. The age of content in India is 18, but previously there was a loophole in that legislation if a man was married to an underage girl, but that loophole has now been closed. Child marriage is illegal in India, but it is still widespread in parts of the country.
In Yemen, where child marriage is rife, there is no lower age limit to define rape in marriage..


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