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Ama was abducted for child marriage on her way home from school in Ghana when she was 14. Watch this video to hear Ama’s story.

My name is Ama. I was abducted when I was 14.

I was walking home from night school when I saw two men with a motorbike.

My friends and I just tried to carry on walking when one of the men just stood in front of me and began grabbing my books.

I said “No – leave my books for me!” I thought that I was dead. I shouted out for help. The men picked me up, threw my books away, and put me on their motorbike.

When they got me to their village, some small children started following me and calling “Hafali! Hafali!”. It means ‘new wife’. I was locked inside a room.

I was crying. I was telling them that I am a school child. One of the men said that if I made a noise they would cane me. I was all alone. I was scared I would never see my village again. I’d be trapped and do nothing but give birth. I knew that some girls give birth and die because they are too young.

When I woke up, I heard my father’s voice, so I cried louder at the door. My father heard my call. The men knew that, now Madam Abibia was here with my father, if they didn’t open the door, they would have to face consequences.

If I hadn’t been rescued, I feel that by now I would be carrying a baby or just leading a miserable life. I am not afraid of being abducted again.

End of transcript.

ActionAid is working around the world to end child marriage and change lives for good. The charity is working alongside local women to educate communities about the negative effects of child marriage and bring perpetrators to justice.


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