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Despite her best efforts to build a life out of the ruin, Reem, 26, is grappling with unshakable anxiety about her future as a refugee. Displacement makes everything more difficult for women and girls. Girls are more likely to drop out of school than boys; they are also 90% more likely to be out of schools than girls who live in conflict-free countries.

The risk of maternal death and morbidity also tend to increase in humanitarian disasters. In Syria, and after consistent reduction in the rate of maternal deaths since 1990, the rate started to spike for the first time after the onset of the crisis.

For more on Reem’s story: https://bit.ly/2HHIC0o

Follow #AWomanEvenHere to watch 5 stories of women who live 5 countries impacted by humanitarian crises in the region and join our call to prioritize women’s needs in humanitarian response.

Special thanks to ECHO, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, for providing support to UNFPA’s reproductive health and maternity clinic in Zaatari refugee camp.


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