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Since the war began in March 2015 education has been greatly affected. The number of 1.8 million children who have been out of school in 2015/2016 make up more than a third of the school age population. more than 1,100 schools have been closed either by direct damage to them, or because they are being used to house displaced people and many girls are likely to be married off at an early age .

“About 67 percent of public school teachers — and this is across the country — have not been paid for nearly two years. Many have looked for other work to survive or are only teaching a few subjects. So, obviously, the quality of education is at stake. Children are not getting their full lessons due to the absence of their teachers. Even when schools are functioning, the schools’ days and years are shortened.”
Yemen suffers from a shortage of learning facilities. UNICEF reports more than 2,500 schools have been damaged or destroyed by the war. Many schools also are being used as shelters for displaced people and some have been taken over by armed groups.
But it is the collapse of the economy that is having the most widespread impact on the country’s youth. As families have been pushed deeper into poverty, with more than 8m people at risk of famine, parents are increasingly turning to their children for survival.
” Due to the continuation of conflicts, there is an urgent need to assist Yemen in designing short-term emergency programs aimed at supporting educational services by ensuring the continued payment of teachers’ salaries and of basic operating costs. That will provide the minimum proper environment for continued education.
People active in education expect Yemen’s main development partners to contribute to: the printing of school textbooks, supplying schools with basic inputs, assisting in repairing partially damaged school buildings to return the same to service, as well as providing technical support to emergency units in education management in order to devise plans to acquaint them with best practice.

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