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(11 Jan 2017) Yemen’s displaced are living in poor conditions and many say they don’t know “where to go” to escape the intense fightings in some areas.
They say they are fleeing from shelling from Houthis, and also by airstrikes from the Saudi-led coalition, caught between the two sides in the nearly-two-year-old war.
Since April last year, Taiz has been divided, with the eastern and mountain-top districts under rebel control and the city centre controlled by fighters backed by the Saudi-led coalition. The fighting has left few parts of the city untouched, even a children’s amusement park was hit by artillery.
The rebels, known as Houthis, launched an offensive from their northern enclave in 2014 to take Sanaa and much of northern Yemen. Their advances forced President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to flee the country and seek shelter in Saudi Arabia.
Outside Wazaiya, an area in the south of the province of Taiz, displaced walk along dirt roads for dozens of kilometers with all that they can carry with them, including their livestock.
The province has been one of the worst-hit cities in Yemen’s conflict.
A Saudi-led coalition, mostly consisting of Arab Gulf states, subsequently intervened in Yemen, launching a punishing air campaign against the Houthis.

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