Does Islam condone paedophilia / pedophilia and child marriage? What does the Quran say on the issue? What do the scholars say? What are the rules concerning marriage and sex in relation to age in Sharia law?

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Sources for video (please note many sources used are only in Arabic as far as I can tell – I will link them here anyway)

Hadiths on Aisha’s age as 9 years when she lost her virginity which do not include Hisham ibn Urwa in their chain of narrators:
Sahih Muslim, Book 16, Hadith 83
Sunan an-Nasai, Book 26, Hadith 62

Hadith on Aisha playing dolls whilst she resided with Mohamed

Quranic verse stating no waiting period for divorced women who didn’t have sex (Quran 33:49)

Quranic verse stating three monthly periods for divorced women
(Quran 2:228)

Quran context to 65:4 clearly stating verse refers to young girls as those who have not menstruated

Jalalayn tafsir (exegesis) on this verse stating it means young girls

Tanwir al-Miqbas tafsir on same verse

(Arabic) Ibn Kathir tafsir on 65:4 verse

(Arabic) Tabari tafsir on same verse

Jalalayn tafsir on Quran 6:4 which makes clear this verse is referring to time of handing over an orphan’s property rather than a time being set for marriage

(Arabic) Fath al-Bukhari explanation of no minimum age among all Sunni schools of thought

(Arabic) Khomeini’s book Tahrir al-Wasila link (Issue 12) specifying 9 as minimum age for sex but no minimum for any other sexual pleasures.

(Arabic) Sharh Muslim explaining scholars opinions on minimum age for sex as well as the fact that pre-pubescent girls have no opinion in their marriage and according to some scholars, cannot decide to leave afterwards, even when reaching puberty.

(Arabic) Rad al-Muhtar book which says “fat girls” can be ready to withstand penetration younger than others.

Hadith stating Mohamed stuck his tongue down his grandson’s mouth

(Arabic) Shia Sira (Sirat al-Mustafa) page 80-81 stating Mohamed tongue suckled Ali for three days at birth, feeding him his saliva.

Muslim refuting all arguments against deniers of Aisha’s age at marriage

Islamic Q&A website clarifying there is no minimum age for marriage and sex happens when a girl can withstand penetration
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(backup archive link)


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