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Lawmakers in Afghanistan have blocked legislation proposing a minimum marriage age for girls, and women not being prosecuted for rapes committed against them. Some said such laws might encourage sex outside of marriage. “IDIOT EXCUSE” Failure to pass the law highlights how tenuous women’s rights remain a dozen years after the US-led war led to the overthrow of the Taliban, which kept women virtual prisoners…”
Sharp rise in jail terms for Afghan rape and abuse victims (telegraph, May 21, 2013):
“Statistics obtained from Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry by the campaign group HRW reveal the number of women and girls convicted of ‘moral crimes,’ which include running away from home has increased by 50% in the last year from 400 to 600. Many of the 600 women jailed in the last year are victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse whose only crime was to run away from their assailants, the group said…”

And while the 7 century law remains, children FROM 7 UP are force to marriage, rape, beaten by their pedophile husband
Muslim states are heaven for pedophiles
13 Sept 2013 Yemeni minister seeks law to end child marriage
Hooria Mashhour told the BBC she believed there was more chance of making progress on the issue of child marriage in Yemen than ever before.
It comes amid an international outcry over reports that an eight-year-old girl died of internal bleeding on the night she wed a 40-year-old man.
Poor families marrying underage girls off for money remains common in Yemen
In Islamic world is a custom for pedophiles to marry prepubescent girls


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